Action Alert | RSA Infosec Conference Speaker Lineup Goes from Bad to Great


The information security RSA Conference 2019 has announced the keynote speakers who have signed on thus far, and it’s a 180° change from 2018. Last year, we called them out along with Access Now for having just 7 women speakers out of 29 total. Because of this, conference organizers vowed to do better in 2019 and began a diversity initiative.

Their effort certainly paid off. The current 2019 keynote speaker list is fantastic: 49% men and 51% women, 40% of whom are women of color. The change is remarkable, and we are proud of the GenderAvengers and Access Now followers who were part of making this change happen.

Moving from 24% to 51% women speaking at @RSAConference shows a huge change in #RSAC’s effort to include women. This is proof that it can be done. #security #GenderAvenger