Round 2 #HallofShame: 10% Women Speakers at unBound London [UPDATE]

UPDATE: unBound London now has 13% women speakers. It's an improvement, but they still have an incredibly long way to go. Out of 93 speakers, only 12 are women. [11/4/201]

Can you trust a conference about "innovation" that has only 10% women speakers? Is a nearly all male lineup considered innovative?  

Out of 76 speakers at unBound London, "the UK’s most exciting innovation festival," only eight are women. 

We started tracking unBound London earlier this month, when they first appeared in the GA Hall of Shame with 12% women speakers. Though the conference has added two additional women speakers since their Hall of Shame listing, they have also added 22 additional male speakers. Their speaker gender ratio has dropped from 12% to 10%.

There's still time to make a change. 

unBound London 2015 starts on November 30, 2015. That means conference organizers have over a month to change this gender ratio. Use the share buttons and the sample text below to encourage them to add more women speakers to their lineup. 

Tell @unboundglobal to add more women speakers.

Suggested tweet/share text:

8 women speakers (10%) out of 76 total at #unbounddigital #london?! Do better, @unboundglobal: #genderavenger