📣🚨 When It Comes to Real Time with Bill Maher, the Third Time's Not a Charm

GenderAvenger Cat Del Buono (@catdelbuono) has been watching Real Time with Bill Maher for us throughout 2019 — we called Bill Maher out in both February and July — and at this point, no surprise to us, the show’s lineup has not improved.


Looking at the overall gender balance for Real Time with Bill Maher in August 2019, women only account for 30% of the guests on screen. This show has already been called out twice this year, and August’s numbers are only 0.8% better than the show’s overall gender balance for 2018. They’re not even trying.

Real Time with Bill Maher has made it very clear whose voices they think are most important to the host on their show, and it’s not women’s.

Let’s make this third time count.
Tell them exactly how their lack of effort reflects their values.

📣🚨 Staunch @GenderAvenger @catdelbuono keeps an eye on @billmaher’s @RealTimers. This is our THIRD call out, and they’re still stubbornly insisting on 70% male guests, which shows us exactly who they really value. COME ON. #RealTime #GenderAvenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/real-time-with-bill-maher-third-time-not-a-charm