Action Alert | The "Preeminent Conference for Urban Decision-Makers", NYT Cities for Tomorrow, Needs More Women


Later this week, the “powerful influencers who drive success in cities in America” will convene at the New York Times Cities for Tomorrow conference. Attendees have been promised diverse experts discussing how the greatest cities in the United States succeed. The problem is that while the subject matter may be diverse, the gender breakdown of the speaker list is not, and 70% men / 30% women certainly does not represent the gender makeup of the cities being discussed.

The other problem is that we’ve called out the Times on this before. In 2014 we called them out for having a speaker lineup that was only 23% women, but in 2016 we celebrated their much greater balance of 43% women. So what gives, New York Times? If you can do it once, and if it’s important to you, you can do it again.

Attendees of @NYTLive Cities for Tomorrow 2018 were promised a lineup of diverse speakers, but what they’re actually getting is a whole lot of men. #NYTCities #GenderAvenger