Action Alert | The GA Tally, Now Instagram-able

Good news, GenderAvengers! We listened to your feedback and made two important improvements to the GA Tally app:


The new image download increases your sharing options.

Want to share your Time Who’s Talking or Count Who’s Present tally image in a presentation or on Instagram? Now you can download the tally and use it when you’re ready.

A handy back button lets you edit your tally before sharing.

Did you accidentally switch the number of men and women while creating your tally? No problem, because now you can hit the back button and easily go back and fix it.


We appreciate everyone who takes the time to share feedback with us and make the app stronger with every update. If you like the app, we’d love it if you would leave us a review to help others find this valuable tool, because more people counting the women in conversations translates into more women actually being in those conversations.

The @GenderAvenger #GATally app has 2 new features thanks to your feedback. Now you can download a tally to share when/where you want and there’s a back button to retrace your steps. Download it and show us the gender (im)balance you see! #GenderAvenger