There’s New GenderAvenger Merch. Get It!

Have you ever been sipping your morning coffee and found yourself wishing your mug made more of a statement? Is your wardrobe lacking a statement tee, something that declares you are a GenderAvenger who believes that women’s voices count?

Allow us to introduce the GenderAvenger shop (where the shipping is FREE). When you get yourself a GenderAvenger mug or buy a GenderAvenger t-shirt for your best friend (heck, get one for yourself, too), you help us to keep doing what we do! So show off your merch on social media and tag us with #genderavenger. When all your friends see how fab you look, they’ll want in on the genderavenging too.

And don’t forget, you can always make a donation to GenderAvenger. Every little bit helps us to keep changing the world.

Introducing @GenderAvenger t-shirts and mugs! Let our merch do the talking so everyone can see that you believe women’s voices count and fight for them to be heard. #genderavenger