Join This Group of Powerful Men Who've Pledged Not to Serve On All-Male Panels

Check out who has signed the GA Pledge recently. High fives to:

  • Matt Boggie, CTO, Axios
  • Sree Sreenivasan, Social media consultant/coach, Former Chief Digital Officer of NYC
  • Daniel Wolf, CEO, Cape Air
  • Charlie Isaacs, VP/CTO for Customer Connection, Salesforce

Charlie Isaacs’ reason for signing is exactly why we created the pledge:

I’m willing to give up something I love to do (speaking on a panel) to give a woman in technology the opportunity to shine.

Want to join this group of powerful men who have pledged not to serve on all-male panels? Do you know someone who should? Go for it!

Check out who has signed the #GAPledge recently. High fives to @MattBoggie @sree @charlieisaacs ‏and Daniel Wolf for taking a stand. #womensvoicescount #genderavenger