We Put #Techonomy14 In the Hall of Shame, and This Was Their Response

When we at GenderAvenger put Techonomy 14 in our Hall of Shame yesterday to let them know that 24% women participants at their conference was not good enough, Techonomy's Chief Techonomist David Kirkpatrick agreed with us:


We like that they reached out to us, because we found out that Techonomy is aware of the importance of gender ratios, too, as evidenced by their hosting this livestream panel discussion to answer the question "How can the tech industry become more inclusive?"


Our charge remains the same, though: 24% women participants is not good enough, and knowing that Techonomy is also aware of this means they should really have been more attentive to doing better.

You can let them know this still matters by sharing their GenderAvenger Hall of Shame entry