Individual Action Is the Place to Start. Community Action Is the Way to Finish.

Where are the women?

How many times have you seen an ad for a conference or attended one, looked up at the stage, and asked, “where are the women?” Certainly, there are qualified women. Certainly, the conversation would be enriched. Certainly, the organizers know something — someone — is missing.

Clearly, individual action backed by a community with shared values could provoke reactions that could result in changed attitudes. And so, GenderAvenger was born.

The GenderAvenger community is powerful.

We have come to rely on the growing GenderAvenger community to provide intelligence about and action on conferences, lists, and anything that puts women forward in the public dialog. Last week, we asked for lists of women experts, and now we have created a dynamic, ever-changing document to serve as a must-have resource for any conference, panel planner, or list maker. Our readers can continue to submit lists of women speakers they’ve come across or created, so there should be no more excuses for men-only or men-heavy panels.

Help us identify conferences we should be watching and counting.

This week, we are asking you to identify conferences the GenderAvenger community should be watching and counting. What unappealing promotions have you seen because there are no women featured? What industry or trade conferences are you attending that doesn't have appropriate representation of women? Let us know by leaving the name of the conference and any additional info you think we should know in the comment section of this post, and we will figure out a way to let the GenderAvenger community know about it. You can do that, too, by using the GA Tally app to post on Facebook and/or tweet about it.

Need to remain anonymous? You can choose the anonymous button the the GA Tally or feel free to email us at