INBOUND Is Awarded Its Third GA Stamp of Approval

For the third year in a row, we are awarding INBOUND a GA Stamp of Approval. The organizers of INBOUND, “an annual experience uniting super curious, question-asking professionals with big-name and break-out industry thinkers, high-octane events, and boundless education sessions”, burst the gender inequality bubble a few years ago when they set a concrete goal (50% gender parity), and they have generally stuck to it. The overall 2019 speaker lineup features 52% men and 48% women, 32% of whom are women of color, which earns them a Bronze GA Stamp Of Approval.


Congratulations to INBOUND for setting a goal and sticking with it, demonstrating that gender parity can be achieved when it’s deemed a priority.

For the third year in a row, @INBOUND receives a @GenderAvenger Stamp of Approval, proving that when #GenderEquality is deemed a priority, it’s easy to achieve. Congratulations #Inbound19! #GenderAvenger