How Not to Talk to Women Athletes

The Olympics are a great two weeks of impressive physical feats, national pride, and global comradery. Unfortunately, they’re also a reminder of just how little experience sports commentators and reporters have in serious commentary on women’s athletic accomplishments. Remember these headlines?

As we enter the final week of the Olympic games, with all the media blunders and ‘teachable moments’ it has afforded, let’s make sure we end on a good note! This Action of the Week goes out to all reporters and headline writers: The women at the Olympics are world-class athletes at the top of their game, so do them some justice. Tag your favorite (or local) journalists, papers, and media outlets to let them know that this is important and we’re watching. It’s a joint effort!


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1 wk left of #Olympics, #journalists! Set higher standards when talking about women athletes. @AP @espn @NBCOlympics