#HallofShame | #WhoTalks Worst of the Week: The Kelly File and Fox & Friends

Despite coming in strong with the gender balance of their post-debate commentary after the second presidential debate, Fox network is back at the bottom this week. The Kelly File and Fox & Friends have tied for worst gender ratios of the week with both coming in at only 23%.

Who Talks?, which tracks the gender balance of pundits who appear on top-rated morning and evening cable shows, counts as commentators any guests who comment substantively on the presidential election and are not the hosts. Unfortunately, there were only a combined 29 appearances by women out of 126 commentators on both shows throughout the entire week.

We saw Fox do much better than that not that long ago. We know they can do it again, and they can do so consistently until the election if they put in the work. Let’s remind them that they have the power to continue to create change.

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#WhoTalks: @FoxNews' #KellyFile & @foxandfriends tied last week w/ only 23% women on air. #GenderAvenger http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/hallofshame-whotalks-worst-week-kelly-file-fox-friends