#HallofShame | UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants Opens with Only One Woman

The United Nations Summit for Refugees and Migrants is a historic first for the General Assembly as it calls together heads of states and government officials to create a blueprint of “a more responsible, predictable system for responding to large movements of refugees and migrants.” The Summit, held September 19 at the UN Headquarters in New York, will open with the presidents of the 70th and 71st General Assembly, the Secretary-General, the High Commissioner for Refugees, and a signing ceremony including various officials and representatives of migrant communities — and only one woman.

Migrants and refugees across the world consist largely of women and children. A referendum that seeks to create a responsible and humane system for responding to refugee crises on a global scale cannot do so effectively without women contributing to the conversation. There will be plenary sessions and roundtables throughout the day. We urge the UN to keep women’s voices at the forefront, and in the decision-making process, when tackling issues that will affect women all over the world. Bringing women to tell their stories is a great first step, but women must be involved in creating the solutions as well.

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Only 1 woman @UN #UN4RefugeesMigrants opening remarks. Women need to be incl as decision-makers, not just as stories http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/hallofshame-un-summit-refugees-migrants-opens-only-one-woman