#HallofShame | Trump Goes 5-0 with Zero Women Appointments


With the planning for the Trump administration underway GenderAvenger is taking note of whether women are being included. So far, the appointments to the cabinet and White House staff do not bode well.

Friday’s cabinet appointments, in addition to last week’s White House staff appointments, bring the administrations confirmed count to five men and zero women. There are still many appointments to be made in the coming months, but if you think women’s voices matter in all aspects of public discourse do not wait until the list is finalized. Women’s inclusion is particularly important at the start of a new administration, so make your voice heard now.

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Trump's appointed zero women. Women's voices are vital. Will they be in leadership? @KellyannePolls #GenderAvenger http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/hallofshame-trump-goes-5-0-with-zero-women-appointments