#HallofShame | The Hollywood Reporter's All-Male Director Roundtable

The Hollywood Reporter (THR) brought together a Director Roundtable on January 3rd, 2016. THR promised:

Guests will discuss everything from their individual projects to their crafts and true stories from the business. The panels will present thoughtful, informative takes on the film and television industry today. 

It's unbelievable that women directors were not a part of these critical conversations. All six directors featured at the roundtable were men. 


Why does an all-male Director Roundtable matter? 

At the beginning of the roundtable, Quentin Tarantino answers the question "What is the biggest challenge facing film today?" by saying "...I don't know if we're giving people enough reason to leave their house and go to the movies." Various theories are bandied about--- Ridley Scott argues that there are too many directors and that quality has lowered; Alejandro G. Inarritu says that independent film-making has moved to television and that his eighteen year old son has taught him that people can access any film at home without heading to the theatre; Quentin Tarantino blames the price of movie tickets. 

Women made up the majority of moviegoers in 2014. We need women directors at the table answering these questions. We need a more diverse vision of the future of film that includes the voices of women filmmakers.  

Encourage The Hollywood Reporter to Do Better.

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I was disappointed to see that your recent Director Roundtable did not include any women directors. It's 2016 and women are a valuable and critical part of the film community. Please make a change: Add more women to your future Director Roundtable lineups and create the vibrant and inclusive discussion that I know you are capable of creating.