#HallofShame | Stocktoberfest Tanks with 6% Women Speakers

What does "diverse investors" mean to you? Apparently, for the organizers at Stocktoberfest it means "men". Stocktoberfest is an active investor conference held in Coronado, California from October 13–15. This year’s event is advertised as "the biggest and most diverse group of Active Investors and Traders in its 5 year history." There’s only one problem: they’ve included almost no women, with a gender balance of barely 6% in their speaker line-up. Where’s the diversity in that?

The conference isn’t until October, so they have time to stand behind their words and show true diversity. Let Stocktoberfest know that "diverse investors" must include women.

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Only 6% women speakers at @StockTwits #stocktoberfest. A conf w/ diverse investors should incl women! #GenderAvenger http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/hallofshame-stocktoberfest-tanks-6-percent-women-speakers