#HallofShame | [UPDATED]Really, Politico? An All-Male Panel On Health, Tech, and Patient-Centered Care

UPDATE: Politico has added two additional speakers: one man and one woman. While it is no longer an all male panel, 20% women speakers is hardly a gender-balanced event. Please share the tweet below and encourage Politico to add additional women speakers.

Women are the population most impacted by home healthcare technology, yet Politico’s upcoming panel “Outside, In: Bringing Health Home: Tech and Patient-Centered Care” features ZERO women.

Really, Politico? Women make up between 53 and 68% of caregivers, according to the Family Caregiver Alliance. The panel description says it will answer the question “How can we make sure innovation in health IT is helping underserved patients get better health care?” Apparently “innovation” excludes the population these technologies will predominantly be used by.


There’s still time.

Politico says more speakers will be announced. There are nine days for Politico to improve its gender ratio. With the addition of just two women speakers, this panel would move from the Hall of Shame to the Hall of Fame. Let’s ensure women are not once again on the outside looking in.

Share this message on Twitter and Facebook and give @Politico the push it needs to add women’s voices.

Most caregivers are women. They belong on the #outsidein panel, @politico: http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/hallofshame-really-politico-an-all-male-panel #allmalepanel #genderavenger