#HallofShame | Outside Lands 2015 [UPDATE]

August 7th is the kickoff for Outside Lands 2015, a three-day-long festival in San Francisco featuring more than 50 musical acts. Only 31% of those musical acts in the 2015 lineup include women.

While the first day of Outside Lands has a fairly gender-balanced lineup (44% of the acts include women), Day 2 has 29%, while day Day 3 has a measly 20%. Like most summer music festivals, Outside Lands offers single day tickets. If you miss Friday, you may not see a woman on stage for the rest of the weekend.  

While several all-male bands appear on the lineup, First Aid Kit is the only all female band. The festival also includes 25 male solo artists and just 8 female solo artists. Most of that 31% comes from bands with just one woman in their lineup. 

Don't worry — their promotional materials are pretty up front about the space allotted to female musicians. The logo you see above features 13 musical acts, and just one female musician. On the larger Outside Lands poster, acts with women barely appear in the larger, more readable font. 29 acts are listed in a larger font; only 4 of those acts include women.  

This story doesn't end here — the Outside Lands lineup hasn't been finalized and there are more acts to come. We're keeping an eye on them, and we're hopeful that new additions could move them from the Hall of Shame to the Hall of Fame. Until then, Outside Lands 2015 is the second music festival on the GenderAvenger Hall of Shame. 

UPDATE: Last week Outside Lands released their comedy lineup. Some good news: The gender ratio was slightly better with 35% of comedy acts including at least one woman. Two female comedians appear in the top line of their promotional materials, making the headliners 50% female.  

One disappointment is the gender ratio for solo comedians: Out of 13 solo comedians, there are only three women.

Overall, this is an improvement over the music lineup, but there's still some room to grow. We're keeping an eye on Outside Lands and we're hopeful that they'll move from our Hall of Shame to the Hall of Fame.

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