#HallofShame | Morning Joe Doesn't Try to Include Women

We already know that Morning Joe is one of the most consistently disappointing shows tracked by the Who Talks? project, but they hit a new low last week when they included appearances by women in only 14% of their presidential election commentary. Over the past seven months, their average has been a pathetic 24%. We didn’t think they could do worse, and yet they did.

Show Morning Joe that this is completely unacceptable and, frankly, insulting. There are only two more weeks until the election, and women’s voices matter now more than ever.

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19 women out of 135 commentators?? Unacceptable and insulting, @Morning_Joe. #GenderAvenger #WhoTalks #Election2016 http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/hallofshame-morning-joe-struggles-include-women