#HallofShame | Morning Joe's Gender Ratios Remain Disappointingly Consistent

It was only two days ago that we pointed out Morning Joe’s abysmal 18% gender ratio for the week, but unfortunately we’re going to have to call them out again. They averaged 24% women pundits both in the one-month roundup and again in the three-month review. The Who Talks? data roundup for the last six months has just come in and Morning Joe’s inclusion of women commentators has still not budged.

Sprinkling a few women into segments one week does not equal substantial, meaningful change. The new set of data shows that MSNBC's Morning Joe is still sticking to their overall trend of underrepresentation. Help us call them out and demand that they do better as the clock ticks down to November 8.

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.@Morning_Joe continues to exclude women w/ only 24% over 6 mos. It's 2016. Unacceptable. #GenderAvenger #WhoTalks http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/hallofshame-morning-joe-gender-ratios-remain-disappointing