#HallofShame | Does CATO Institute Not Know Women Can Vote?

On November 2nd, the CATO Institute held a debate that asked whether libertarians should vote in the then-upcoming presidential election. The debate pondered the ethics of not voting — whether “declining to participate” signaled “a preference for ‘none of the above’” or merely a “waste of personal power” — and brought up questions the voting public wrestled with for months in anticipation of a historic and divisive election night.

It was shocking to see that the CATO Institute failed to include a single woman throughout the entire debate. Women make up 53% of the voting public, with the power and the numbers to tip the scale for or against any given candidate. We can’t imagine how CATO could forget to include women in such a crucial debate, so we’d like to remind them that women count.

Join us in reminding CATO that “voters” does not equal “men”.

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0 women in @CatoInstitute voting debate 1 week before #Election2016. You know women vote too, right? #GenderAvenger http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/hallofshame-does-cato-institute-not-know-women-can-vote