#HallofShame | Common Good Is No Good for Women

Common Good is a bipartisan reform coalition that seeks to “propose practical, bold ideas… based on the principles of individual freedom, responsibility and accountability.” Well, we’ve got a news flash for you, Common Good. A panel with only 11% women is not practical, bold, or responsible.

Common Good’s December 14 forum, “Drain the Swamp? Regulatory Reform Under President Trump,” includes three panels that will cover infrastructure, regulatory reform, and a conversation on executive authority and congressional oversight, and the panels include speakers from policy institutes, universities, and law firms. One thing they missed? Women. Of the 18 speakers across all three panels only two are women. Two.

We can’t let Common Good talk reform and accountability without calling them out for their failure to demonstrate that they value those qualities in their own programming. Join us and show Common Good that women should be part of that conversation.

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You can't talk responsible reform & incl only 11% women, @CommonGood. Hold yourself accountable too! #GenderAvenger http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/hallofshame-common-good-is-no-good-for-women