#HallOfShame | C&EN Virtual Symposium


C&EN Media Group is "delighted to present its second annual virtual symposium highlighting groundbreaking research in drug discovery, chemical synthesis, informatics and drug development." 

What's not groundbreaking about this upcoming event? The gender ratio for their speakers. Out of 11 speakers at C&EN's Virtual Symposium: Advances in Drug Discovery and Development, only 2 are women. 

18% women speakers lands C&EN Media Group in the GenderAvenger Hall of Shame. The Virtual Symposium is September 16th, so there's still time to move this event from Shame to Fame. Encourage C&EN Media Group to make a change and add more women to their lineup by using the share buttons below. 


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2 women out of 11 speakers at Virtual Symposium= #HallofShame. Do better, @cenmag: http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/hallofshame-cen-virtual-symposium #genderavenger #STEM