#HallofShame | Cell Symposia's Human Genomics Symposium

Cell Symposia's Human Genomics Symposium, which will take place in November 2015, hopes to "foster discussion not only of the findings that have already come from genomics but also of the discoveries that are now within our reach."

What they are obviously not fostering are positive gender ratios among their speakers. Out of 22 listed speakers, only THREE are women, which leaves them with a mere 13.6% women speakers. They have tweeted about articles related to supporting women in STEM in the past, but this is not enough:

And Cell Symposia's poor gender ratio is not going unnoticed by others in the field:

Human Genomics Symposium's poor gender ratio has landed Cell Symposia in the GenderAvenger Hall of Shame. You can do much better, Cell Symposia.

(Thanks for the nomination, Avenger Elisabeth Bik!)

Encourage Cell Symposia to work toward a better gender ratio:


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