#HallofShame | 26% Women at Re/code's Code/Media

Code/Media, Re/code’s upcoming conference on February 17th, continues Re/code’s two year streak of Hall of Shame gender ratios. The speaker lineup is 26% women, which is the highest percentage of women speakers Re/code has had since they began organizing events in 2014. In 2016, though, 26% women is hardly a ratio worth celebrating.


Code/Media promises that “The future of media is closer than you think” and claims to “bring together the most influential minds in media and technology for two days of intimate gatherings and game-changing discussions.” 

Does 26% women look game-changing or futuristic to you? More women at the table means more ideas, more perspectives, and a more impactful dialogue. This is an organization with unlimited contacts, major resources, and bountiful organizing expertise. They have everything they need to create a better ratio, and yet they continue to include few women in their events. 

Here’s the gender breakdown for every Re/code event last year:

  • Code/Media 2015: 15% women speakers  
  • Code/Enterprise Series San Francisco: 25% women speakers
  • Code Conference: 21% women speakers
  • An Evening with Code/Media: Zero women speakers
  • Code/Enterprise Series New York: 20% women speakers
  • Code/Mobile: 24% women speakers

2016 looks like more of the same. Both scheduled 2016 Re/code events, Code/Media and Code Conference, feature less than 30% women speakers.


Take Action: Tell Re/code that it's time to break their Hall of Shame streak and feature more than 30% women onstage.

Re/code hosts several events every year, and it’s not too late for them to make a change in 2016, but they need a push. Share the text below on Twitter and Facebook or send Re/code an email and encourage them to prioritize adding women speakers to their events. 

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Only 26% women speakers at #CodeMedia. This is how much @recode values #womenintech.  http://app.genderavenger.com/plot/r0CZazz #genderavenger

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The future of media includes women, and more women thought leaders belong onstage at Code/media. Right now, your conference has just 26% women speakers: http://app.genderavenger.com/plot/r0CZazz
Please make a change: Add more women to your lineup and create the vibrant and inclusive array of speakers that we know you are capable of creating.