#HallOfShame | 14% Women Speakers at Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap: Solutions for an Inclusive Economy is "a multi-day conference that will bring together a pivotal group of world-class thinkers and doers from a broad range of arenas to listen to new ideas, gain new perspectives, and work together to determine how we can impact these coming changes to the benefit of our economy and our society."

How can a conference that aims to offer a "world-class" array of speakers who are sharing "new perspectives" have just 14% women? How can they solve the issues facing our economy when half of the population is barely represented onstage?

There's still time to make a change!

Closing the Gap starts on December 6th, 2015. That means conference organizers have more than two months to add more women speakers. Help us encourage them to make a change by sharing this message with conference organizers:

Our economy and our society benefit from including the voices of women. To close the gap and create solutions for an inclusive economy, you need more women thought leaders. Right now, your conference has just 14% women speakers. Please make a change: Add more women to your lineup and create the vibrant and inclusive array of speakers that we know you are capable of creating. 

Take Action: Copy the text above and click here to share it with Closing the Gap: Solutions for a More Inclusive Economy. Have additional thoughts or suggestions on potential speakers? Feel free to include them in your email!