#HallofShame | 12% Women Speakers at unBound London 2015

For an "innovation festival," unBound London 2015 has pretty outdated ideas about including women speakers in their conference. In 2015, can you call a nearly all male lineup "innovative"? Can you trust the advice of innovators who can't innovate their own speaker lineup?

 unBound says that their conference is "the place where entrepreneurs, influencers and corporate leaders from US, Europe and Asia meet.

That's a pretty generous criteria----so how is it possible that they only found 6 women speakers out of 52 total speakers?

That's not innovation. That's the same tired, nearly all male lineup we've seen again and again.  

There's still time to make a change. 

unBound London 2015 starts on November 30, 2015. That means conference organizers have almost two months to change this gender ratio. We would love to see unBound move from the Hall of Shame to the Hall of Fame. Use the share buttons and the sample text below to encourage them to add more women speakers to their lineup. 

Encourage @unboundglobal to add more women speakers.

Suggested tweet/share text:

6 women speakers (12%) out of 52 total at #unbounddigital #london?! Do better, @unboundglobal: https://genderavenger.com/blog/hallofshame-12-women-speakers-at-unbound-london-2015 #genderavenger