#HallofFame | Women are Experts at University of Michigan

As we have seen throughout the Who Talks? project, men dominate political commentary on almost all fronts, but the University of Michigan offered a welcome reprieve from all-male panels with their talk, “2016 Decided: Post-election Analysis.” The informal conversation took place immediately following the election results on November 9 and featured three women on its panel of five experts.

We continue to push for the importance and urgency of women’s participation in national policy and political discussion, and we commend the University of Michigan’s Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy for their 60% inclusion of women. Spread the message that women’s voices matter in all aspects of public discourse by congratulating the University of Michigan for making it into the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame.

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Post-election panel at @fordschool was 60% women! Women's voices are vital in politics. Way to go! #GenderAvenger http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/halloffame-women-are-experts-at-university-of-michigan