#HallofFame | New Day (Finally) Makes it to Hall of Fame

Up until now, New Day has been in the middle of the pack for the six shows tracked by the Who Talks? project. New Day has been in limbo between the GenderAvenger Halls of Fame and Shame for the past several weeks with a 6-month average of 30% appearances by women. Last week, the show seemed to be on the upswing so we took to social media to urge New Day to try just a little bit harder and make it into the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame.

Congratulations, New Day. You made it! You enter the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame with a gender ratio of 41% women commentators for the week of October 24–28. Change can happen if we continue to demand it. Tell New Day to keep women’s voices on air!

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#WhoTalks: @NewDay finally makes #GenderAvenger Hall of Fame w/ 41% women! Keep it up! #Election2016 http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/halloffame-new-day-finally-makes-it-to-hall-of-fame