#HallofFame | 55% women speakers at InnoDay

InnoDay organizers promise that at their conference, you'll "Be inspired, develop and get up to speed on the latest trends and the most up-to-date thinking from some of the world's best speakers."

55% of the speakers at InnoDay are women! InnoDay Founder Mathias Dittrich tweeted about the conference's ratio and the incredible quality of the speakers. 

It's refreshing to see a conference founder share his success in creating a gender balanced lineup; it offers both inspiration and proof that other conference founders could follow his lead. InnoDay's commitment to a gender balanced lineup resulted in a Hall of Fame gender ratio. 

Congratulate InnoDay on being in the GA Hall of Fame!

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55% women speakers= #HallofFame gender ratio for @InnoDay1! Keep up the good work: http://app.genderavenger.com/plot/vg8BP0L #genderavenger