#HallofFame | Cusp Conference Hosts 43% Women Speakers

Cusp Conference, held September 28-29 in Chicago, will bring together diverse presenters to spark conversation “about the design of everything.” Cusp invites a varied roster of presenters to produce “thought-provoking presentations by people who are passionate about designing a better future.” Among those presenters, 43% are women!

We wholeheartedly agree that “getting people out of the world they know” and “immersing them in a flood of ideas” requires diverse thinkers and gender balance. Good on you, Cusp, and welcome to the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame.

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43% women will talk on the future of design at #Cusp2016! Welcome to #GenderAvenger Hall of Fame, @CuspConference. http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/halloffame-cusp-conference-hosts-43-women-speakers