#HallofFame | Celebrate Design & Content Conference's Inspiring 53% Women Speakers

Design and Content

The Design & Content conference describes their speakers as “some of the industry’s best” and “the people who inspire and challenge us to create a better web.” 

We’re happy to see that this conference features 53% women speakers!


Here’s what nominator Eileen Webb had to say about Design & Content 2016:

This conference places a specific emphasis on presenting a diverse speaker panel… They hired (and paid! which is huge in this industry that constantly asks for diversity efforts to be shouldered by volunteers) a team to help ensure they had a speaker lineup that represented the best our industry has to offer. They have a declared commitment to creating and supporting a diverse community.

The organizers for Design & Content conference wrote an essay about their efforts to create a speaker lineup that is both gender-balanced and diverse. Click here to read their piece "A Diverse Production Team" and learn more about their process and commitment. 

Let’s give @dcontentconf kudos for their #HallofFame lineup!

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Kudos @dcontentconf! 53% women speakers in your 2016 lineup = #HallofFame! http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/halloffame-celebrate-design-content-conferences-53-women-speakers #genderavenger