#HallOfFame | Audible's Best Books of the Century So Far

Audible.com just released their list of The Best Books of the Century So Far, featuring multiple books per year as well as contenders for the best books of 2015.  

This century is far from over, but our editors have cast their votes for the most unforgettable books of the past 15 years. These are the books we believe will stand the test of time as both unforgettable stories and outstanding audiobooks.

Out of of 133 books, 54 were written by women. That means 40% of Audible's picks for future classics from this century were by women authors. 

After tackling Esquire's recent list of 80 Books Every Man Should Read, which out of 80 books only featured one by a woman, it's great to see a book list with a Hall of Fame gender ratio. 

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