#HallOfFame: 58% Women Speakers In MozCon 2016 Line-Up

Moz, an online marketing community specializing in analytics software for search optimization, advertises its annual MozCon as “not your typical marketing conference.” With 58% women speakers, we have to agree.


Kicking off on September 12 in Seattle, MozCon 2016 promises three days of forward-thinking, next-level advice from industry experts with an emphasis on building loyal communities. The prominent inclusion of women speakers in their line-up is a great way to start! Welcome to the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame, MozCon! Hope to see you back here next year.

Help us congratulate MozCon on making gender parity at a major conference look like a breeze.

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58% women speakers at 2016 #MozCon brings @Moz into the #GenderAvenger #HallofFame. Kudos! http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/halloffame-58-percent-women-speakers-mozcon-2016