#HallofFame | 50% Women Speakers at Now What? Conference

Now What? Conference is on April 13-14, and they invite you to “join us and our team of experienced web-hands to navigate the high seas of website maintenance...and ensure that you have what you need for smooth sailing.”

A Hall of Fame gender ratio makes the sailing at Now What? Conference even smoother! 50% of their featured speakers are women.


Now What? was nominated by Margot Bloomstein, a member of the GenderAvenger community, who shared these thoughts in her nomination: 

Blend Interactive, in Sioux Falls SD, puts on an annual regional conference for a few hundred people in the web and interaction design industry. They bring in national speakers and demonstrate that even smaller events can offer diverse stages: this year, the male-female ratio is 50/50, and white, African American, and Latino. In 2015, 3 out of 8 speakers were female, including one of the keynotes.

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