Hall of Shame | Re/code's Code/Media Conference in February 2015 [updated]

We originally posted the following about Re/code's Code/Media February 2015 conference on 10 December 2014:

Re/code's Code/Media conference — which takes place in Laguna Niguel in February 17–18, 2015 — "…will bring together 350 of the most influential minds in media and technology for two days of intimate gatherings and game-changing discussions. On stage and by your side." Part of what gives people influence is visibility, and Code/Media gives that visibility primarily to men: only 2 out of the 13 listed speakers are women. 15% women represents a terrible gender balance.

The conference is happening right now, and while their speaker numbers have changed — they now have 3 female and 17 male speakers, their speaker gender ration remains at a sad 15%. 

Let Re/code know that Code/Media's 
gender balance is not nearly good enough:


Suggested tweet/share text:
Only 15% of listed speakers at @Recode's Code/Media conf are women. Time to do better, #CodeMedia: http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/hall-of-shame-recodes-codemedia-conference-in-february-2015 #genderavenger