#GoodRead | Why All-Male Minions Really Do Matter for Children

by Boungawa (own work) [ CC BY-SA 3.0 ],  via Wikimedia Commons

by Boungawa (own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

"Why All-Male Minions Really Do Matter for Children":

Earlier this week, Margot Mogowan, founder of Reel Girls, a website dedicated to media equity, wrote a post lambasting the movie Minions for its dullard sensibility and disappointingly routine sexism.  

Most families taking kids to the movies aren't giving sexism a second thought, preferring instead to just get out of the summer heat and sit quietly in the dark consuming all kinds of delicious things that aren't good for them. As Mogowan pointed out, Minions, which grossed $400 million worldwide last weekend, is a perfect example.

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