#GoodRead | What It Really Takes to Recruit More Female Tech Talent

by http://startupstockphotos.com [ CC0 ],  via Wikimedia Commons

by http://startupstockphotos.com [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

"What It Really Takes to Recruit More Female Tech Talent":

Not long after founding his company, H20.ai in 2012, Sri Ambati walked into the office one day, looked around, and had a staggering, yet embarrassingly obvious realization. Of the six engineers working at H2O, a platform for open-source predictive analytics, there wasn't a single woman. Ambati knew he had to make a change, and fast. "This is a cultural piece that needs to be put in very early on," he says. "The initial phase is what makes the biggest impact, and that’s where stepping out of the ordinary has to happen."

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