#GoodRead Roundup: Get Inspired! Expert Advice on Creating Gender Balanced Panels

When it comes to creating gender-balanced panels, don’t listen to the excuses. It can be done, and these organizers and experts prove it. Check out some of our favorite recent advice on how to create panels with 40% or more women, and examples of conferences that are pulling it off. 

As Diverse a Conference Lineup as Fans Deserve: Wade Kwon at Y’AllConnect: Y’All Connect was the first conference to appear in the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame two years in a row. Conference organizer Wade Kwon explains how he did it and how you can create the same #HallOfFame-worthy balance at your next event.

Ending All-Male Panels: Find out how the American Society for Microbiology increased its presentations by female scholars from 25.9% to 48.5% at their annual meeting.

How I Organized Six Panels with Only Women Speakers: Joanne McNeil gives a step-by-step breakdown of how she attracted and recruited female speakers for her New Topics in Social Computing event at Eyebeam, resulting in six panels with 100% women onstage.

Why You Shouldn’t Believe Companies That Say They Can’t Find Women and Minority Hires: Gwen Moran’s advice for putting an end to this tired excuse could easily be applied to conferences. The same actions and attention are required to create gender-balanced lineups for panels.

Ten Simple Rules to Achieve Conference Speaker Gender Balance: Why do we always tweet this out on conference hash tags for Hall of Shame conferences? Because it really works. Check out this classic list of 10 simple rules from PLOS, featured on our Resources for Organizers page.

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Beat the Excuses: There are 10 excuses we hear all the time for why gender-balanced panels aren’t possible. We’ve heard them so often, we wanted to make sure that you had the tools to Beat the Excuses when you heard them too. Get empowered: Read our Top 10 Ways To Beat the Excuses.