#GoodRead Roundup | Feminist Thor, A Woman on the $20, & One Year of GA!

It's the last week of Women's History Month and we're celebrating with women on money, advice for organizers, and GenderAvenger birthday news! 

Hey conference organizers, not sure how to get women speakers in your lineup? "How to Get Women Speakers at Tech Events" by Sabrina Dent has easy advice that you could apply to any kind of event. Use it, and send us your awesome equal lineups for the Gender Avenger Hall of Fame!

We love this new campaign to add a women to the $20 by 2020 for the anniversary of women's suffrage. Click here to place your vote for who should appear on the $20.

"Women Slay Once Again at the Box Office, Still Horrendously Underrepresented": "Cinderella" and the new installation of the "Divergent" series are filling theatres, offering more proof that films with female protagonists can bring in blockbuster crowds. Yet in 2015, the number of female protagonists in movies is still a measly 12%. 

Halle Tecco reflects on the state of women in healthcare in Rock Health and XX in Health's new report, The State of Women in Healthcare:

Despite making up more than half the healthcare workforce, women represent only 21% of executives and 21% of board members at Fortune 500 healthcare companies. Of the 125 women who carry an executive title, only five serve in operating roles as COO or President. And there’s only one woman CEO of a Fortune 500 healthcare company.

Feminist Thor is kicking ass while outselling the original series!


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