#GoodRead Roundup: #AskHerMore, Oscars 2015, and Kickass Women In Film

Fired up about inequality in film? So are we! Use the GenderAvenger Tally to easily create your own images that breakdown gender in Hollywood. Share them this Sunday on the #GenderAvenger hashtag and with @genderavenger, where we'll be livetweeting the Oscars and red carpet coverage.

Are you watching the Oscars this year? Wonder how women are faring in Hollywood? Check out a few of our favorite links about gender equality and film.

Take a break from your Best Picture nominee catch-up and watch Heather Morris and the funny ladies of Smart Girls At The Party tackle red carpet sexism with #AskHerMore.

MakersWomen put together smart, thoughtful questions to ask this year’s female Oscars nominees on the Red Carpet. Maybe we can finally retire the mani cam now, ENews?

A fun statistic to throw into your Oscars party banter: "Last year, only 12% of the top 100 grossing films in Hollywood had female lead characters, a three-point decline from 2013."

This Is How Few Women Landed a Top Hollywood Role Last Year via Time.

"When Hollywood Wasn’t So Male" via The Nation: learn more about the women screenwriters who ruled in the early days of Hollywood.

"Producer Gale Anne Hurd: Sexism Against Women Directors Hasn’t Changed Since the 80s" via Indiewire's Women and Hollywood: more fun with history. It’s not all bad news though — Gurd points out the progress happening for women behind the scenes in TV.

It's not all bad.

What are you reading this week? Any Oscars predictions? Leave a comment and let us know what's on your mind.