#GoodRead | Papel & Caneta's 'How to Support More Female Creative Leadership in Adland' Report

Papel & Caneta created a report to put a spotlight on a very special theme: Female Creative Leadership in Adland. Today, only 11% of Creative Directors in American agencies are women. The ad world is a place still dominated by men, even though women are transformative, inspiring, and creative.

In 2012, Kat Gordon caught the world’s attention when she created the 3% Movement, an American movement aimed to change the fact that only 3% of creative directors in agencies were women. So, what had been hardly discussed thus far became a highlight at conferences, events, and numerous articles. However, what projects have now taken place in the ad industry in order to bring forth new approaches to this theme? And most importantly, what can still be done so men and women can come together to make more and more positive changes?

Click here to see and download Papel & Caneta's June 2015 report, "How to Support More Female Creative Leadership in Adland".

Also, check out Papel & Caneta's Friends project:

We believe the most powerful ways to create positive changes emerge from friendship, generosity and togetherness. Therefore we are always connecting game-changing leaders from around the world so everyone can inspire each other, and talk about interesting ideas whose impact shines a light on new paths for the future.

Papel & Caneta's Friends project also highlights their members who want to grow women's involvement in digital creative careers and leadership positions with posts such as "How to support more female creative leadership in Adland" about Kat Gordon and "One more friend who is coming to join us" about Laura Jordan-Bambach.

Thank you for highlighting these great women leaders and working toward more balanced ratios in Adland, Papel & Caneta!