#GoodRead | Revisiting 3 Important Pieces Of Longform Journalism From 2015

Longform Best of 2015

"Revisiting 3 Important Pieces Of Longform Journalism From 2015":

CORNISH: I was looking through one of your best-of lists, and I noticed in the list for essays in particular, it had a lot of women writers. And...

LINSKY: Top 10, too.

CORNISH: Yeah, exactly and it sort of surprised me 'cause a lot of times these best of, think piece ranking things, you don't really see a diversity of writers. What's going on at Longform that's different?

LINSKY: Well, I don't think anything is going on differently. I will say that we're very conscious of that. And we make an effort to make the site every day diverse and certainly to make this list diverse. Also, say, like, it's not hard. There were many, many, many fantastic articles written by women this year, and there were tons more that we could've added.

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