#GoodRead | Artificial Intelligence Has a Sea of Dudes' Problem

by Siyan Ren,  via Unsplash

by Siyan Ren, via Unsplash

"Artificial Intelligence Has a Sea of Dudes' Problem":

Melinda [Gates] patiently waited for her husband to finish extolling the virtues of machines that can solve problems scientists haven't programmed them to know. Then it was her turn. "The thing I want to say to everybody in the room is: We ought to care about women being in computer science," she said. "You want women participating in all of these things because you want a diverse environment creating AI and tech tools and everything we're going to use." She noted that just 17 percent of computer science graduates today are women, down from a peak of 37 percent.

The figures are actually worse in AI.  At one of 2015's biggest artificial intelligence conferences—NIPS, held in Montreal—just 13.7 percent of attendees were women, according to data the conference organizers shared with Bloomberg.

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