Good Read | How @TEDMED achieved 51 percent women speakers in 2014

by Nick Dawson [   CC BY-NC 2.0 ]  via Flickr

by Nick Dawson [CC BY-NC 2.0] via Flickr

"How @TEDMED achieved 51 percent women speakers in 2014":

Why was it important to you to seek greater gender diversity among the speakers at TEDMED?

Diversity of all kinds is extremely important to me and one of the signatures of my curatorial style. Beyond the fact that it's politically correct and the right thing to do (especially in terms of potential mentorship impact and connecting with a wide audience), a diverse cast of characters means a more varied set of ideas. I believe much of learning occurs on the edge of discomfort, and that can often be achieved by listening to someone from a background or philosophy different from ours.

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