GenderAvenger Thanks-Giving… Literally

Thanks to the Hall of Famers for giving women their deserved public platform.

Thanks to our GenderAvenger Pros for their advice and counsel.

Thanks to Amy Pritchard, Sonia Farrell Pearson, Suzanne Kahn, and Kati Sipp for giving us personal reflections through their blogs.

Thanks to Jessica Esch for giving us regular updates on The New Yorker gender balance.

Thanks to Nathan and Yonatan and Matt for giving us the great pie chart GA Tally app that illustrates the number of women included in public discourse.

Thanks to everyone who submitted nominations for the Halls of Fame and Shame and chose to remain anonymous – you know who you are!

Thanks to Avenger Gina’s friends for giving their dollars to finance our first six months.

Thanks to Elan Morgan (aka Schmutzie) for giving us beauty as our webmaster.

Thanks to YOU for giving us your support and building our community.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving… and, remember, we will never let the turkeys get us down.