GenderAvenger Meetups, Because You Will Make Women's Voices Count Where Change Needs to Happen

GenderAvenger began with conversations.

When I first thought up GenderAvenger, I turned to friends and family to test my observations, assumptions, and ideas about gender balance in the public arena and what might be done to improve it. I heard about their experiences. I listened to their frustrations and hopes. I learned from their responses to what I was thinking of doing. Indeed, they were — and still are — my guideposts.

And now you can have the same experience. Admittedly, I thought GenderAvenger would always be an exclusivelyonline venture. Soraya Membreño, our former Communications Director, pressed us to think about the greater grassroots interaction of like-minded supporters,  so we checked in with the GenderAvenger community about the idea. Lo and behold, you loved it. 70% of respondents said they would like to meet other GenderAvengers. 60% said they would attend a GenderAvenger MeetUp. 50% said they would attend a house party, and a whopping 30% offered to host a gathering.   

So, now pedal to the metal! Today, we officially launch GenderAvenger MeetUps.


What this means:

  1. Conversations among women — and men — about gender balance in their everyday lives in the neighborhood, around the country, and across the world.
  2. Discussions about action steps to reward and/or condemn balance and imbalance right around the corner and around the globe.
  3. A plan to effect change and commitments to implement tactics, including, of course, the use of the GA Tally aimed at specific gatherings, lists, special events and recruitment, and publicizing of local GenderAvenger Pledge signers.
  4. Stories to tell and share, and
  5. FUN!

We already have two chapter pages — one for Washington, DC  and one for New York City. If you live in either place, be sure to sign up as members of the community. And please think about starting your own GenderAvenger MeetUp in your neighborhood. Yes, it takes a bit of time to get started. (Here are organizer tips and special GA FAQs.) I am confident that if you bring folks together, a group will form to carry the effort forward, and we will do our part by promoting your involvement, sharing your experiences, and amplifying your actions.

Are you ready? Sign up to be an organizer, and we will help you get started.

With every six signups, we will schedule a conference call to answer any questions and brainstorm ideas.

Meeting, talking, planning, plotting, and taking collective action with like-minded folks will build a stronger community dedicated to ensuring women are part of the public dialog. It will mean change where change needs to happen, because you will make women’s voices count.