GenderAvenger Goes Old School At SXSW With a New Tool

"SXSW attendees have a new tool to encourage greater diversity in panels and events." —Mashable
"Where my ladies at? GenderAvenger tracks inequality at SXSW and beyond" —MTV

GenderAvenger made a huge splash at SXSW 2015 with the GA Tally, our mobile app that allows users to break down the gender ratios of panels and conferences into shareable pie charts. MTV, Mashable, and the Daily Dot were just a few of the outlets that covered the GA Tally’s usefulness at the conference.

This year, SXSW is hovering near Hall of Fame status with 37% women on their list of featured speakers. With just a small push, they could move out of limbo and into the Hall of Fame.

At GenderAvenger, events and lists land in the Hall of Shame with a gender ratio of less than 30% women. To qualify for the Hall of Fame, women must be featured at a 40% or higher level. The 10% in between? Limbo… but a designation that often takes just a small amount of effort to transcend.


Encourage SXSW to aim for the Hall of Fame!

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37% women speakers at @SXSW = progress! Add more women speakers & join the #HallofFame: #genderavenger

Since 2015, we’ve updated the GA Tally so that it’s now available for iPhone and Android. It’s even easier this year for SXSW attendees to use the GA Tally to give kudos to gender-balanced panels or to call out panels with a lack of women.

For 2016, we’re providing you with a simple tool to promote gender balance during the Spring conference season: a printable flyer to help get the GA Tally app into the hands of more conference-goers. Print up a few copies, cut and create  tabs at the bottom, and post the flyers at the next conference you attend.

It’s a new twist on old-school organizing. By bringing this flyer to your next conference, you’re guaranteeing that more conference attendees will have access to the GA Tally and will create more of a buzz about gender ratios. Hall of Fame, Hall of Shame, and Limbo — we want to see every kind of tally! The more people tallying, the more opportunities we have to create change and bring women to the table.

Click the flyer image below to print your own copy and post it at SXSW or the next conference that you attend!

P.S. If you post a flyer or spot one at a conference, snap a picture and Tweet it to us at @genderavenger or send the photo to!