GenderAvenger Has Adopted the XXinHealth Speaker Project, An Initiative of Rock Health

Big news! We’re thrilled to announce that GenderAvenger has adopted the XXinHealth Speaker Project, an initiative of Rock Health.

XXinHealth Speaker Project has been adopted by GenderAvenger

GenderAvenger is proud to adopt the XX in Health Speaker Project from Rock Health, which promotes gender diversity on stage at healthcare conferences. Rock Health started the Speaker Project to create transparency and awareness of the fact that women are largely missing on stage at healthcare conferences, and this echoes GenderAvenger’s mission to ensure that women are always part of public dialog.

We’ve always been big fans of XXinHealth’s critical work to include women in the public dialog. Founder Halle Tecco became a friend and supporter of GenderAvenger this year when we connected over our mutual frustration about the lack of women speakers at Launch Festival 2015.

Are you a part of the XXinHealth community? Interested in tackling gender inequalities in healthcare? Welcome!

Here are the GenderAvenger tools you can use to make sure women are part of the public dialog on healthcare:

  • GA Tally app on both mobile and desktop:
    The GA Tally allows users to create pie charts that display gender balance at events, top lists, and more, and then you can instantly share the results on Facebook and Twitter. Users can remain anonymous by asking GenderAvenger to share results.
  • Healthcare Community Page
    Check out the incredible work done by XXinHealth and learn more about the shortage of gender diversity on stage.
  • Halls of Fame & Shame
    Do you know of a conference with few or no women speakers? Would you like to celebrate a conference with at least 40% women speakers? Nominate a conference for the Hall of Fame or Shame. We will publish and share the news across our network to affect change.
  • Subscribe to GenderAvenger
    We’ll keep you up to date on important GenderAvenger and healthcare news and actions with the twice-monthly GenderAvenger newsletter.

Rock Health will continue its mission to make healthcare more diverse with its annual State of Women report, annual retreat, and additional activities.

And we’re not the only one with big news — our friends at Disruptive Women will be taking over the XXinHealth ambassadors and more. Click here to learn more about Disruptive Women.

Thank you Rock Health for your incredible work on this issue. We’re excited to start this new chapter at GenderAvenger and welcome the XXinHealth community.