GenderAvenger Joins the Ad Council’s Love Has No Labels ‘League of Extraordinary Humans’

You may remember the Ad Council’s Love Has No Labels campaign, which produced a series of captivating videos in support of diversity and inclusion. Well, the campaign is back! This time, the Ad Council is releasing a mobile geo-location game that features everyday heroes fighting for love and inclusion, including our very own Gina Glantz as GenderAvenger.

According to the Ad Council, "The League of Extraordinary Humans will bring the Love Has No Labels message of inclusion of all communities regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and ability to one of largest gaming events in North America, PAX West."

The mission is simple: to challenge gamers to rethink bias by participating in an actual game. Part app and part scavenger hunt, users will complete challenges that will "deepen their understanding of implicit bias" and unlock digital trading cards designed by a diverse group of comic book artists and featuring everyday superheroes. Gina, as GenderAvenger, is joined by another 11 diverse heroes doing extraordinary work on inclusion.

GenderAvenger Ad Council Love Has No Labels League of Extraordinary Humans

Community has been critical to GenderAvenger from the moment the seed of its creation was planted one fateful day after the Harvard Kennedy School featured an all-male panel to discuss the 2012 election:

All Avengers are everyday superheroes: from social media champions like Cindy Gallop and Stephanie Goodell who never miss an action alert, to Meetup organizers Heather MacKenzie, Diane Chang, and Suzanne Kahn to the men like Steve Rosenthal, Keith Mestrich, and Ron Fournier who have written about why they signed the GenderAvenger Pledge to those who submit anonymous alerts (you know who you are). And so many more. We are grateful for all that you do.

We’d also like to give a special shout out to Alexis McGill Johnson for nominating Gina.

To learn more about Gina and her passion for organizing, check out this Washington Post article, and visit the Ad Council’s Love Has No Labels site to read about their initiative.  

Happy gaming!